Sepultura means 'grave' in Portugese.

The original line-up of Sepultura Paulo Jr (bass), Jairo Guidez (guitar), Max Cavalera (vocals/guitar) and Igor Cavalera (drums) began in the early '80'sin Belo Horizonte, south east Brazil. Their influences then came from the likes of Slayer, Iron Maiden and Metallica. Sepultura headed down the heavy metal route and created their first EP 'Beastial Devastation' in 1985 followed by their debut album 'Morbid Visions' in 1986. This made them well known all over Brazil.

Jairo left and the band had to find themselves a new lead guitarist. Andreas Kisser filled the spot and Sepultura went on to their next chapter. They released 'Schizophrenia' in 1987 and it caught the attention of Europe where 30,000 bootlegged copies were sold. Roadrunner decided to sign them, helping them with the recording of 1989's 'Beneath The Remains' by sending out metal producer Scott Burn's to Brazil, he returned to the States to mix and master it before it's release. Sepultura then started their first international tour to support this new album, in Europe they opened for Sodom then covered the U.S. (meeting their heroes Motorhead and Metallica) and Mexico. read less


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