Line up:
Shirley Manson
Butch Vig
Duke Erikson
Steve Marker

The three producers first got together as an informal jam session. Marker, after seeing Shirley singing on MTV's 120 minutes, decided to recruit her and Garbage was formed. The recording of their self titled debut began in 1994. By 1995 it was completed and released with a lot of support from radio airplay and MTV, pushing it to Gold status almost straight away. 'Queer', 'Only Happy When It Rains' and 'Stupid Girl' were all released from the album but 'Stupid Girl' got the most recognition, receiving an MTV Music Award and hitting the top ten in the singles chart. The album then hit platinum. Work began on the next album in 1997 and 'Version 2.0' was released in May '98 topping the album chart for a week. 'Push It' was the first single release. Garbage also appeared on the Faculty Soundtrack with the track 'Medication'.

1999 began with a major tour as the opening act for Alanis Morissette. The next release from 'Version 2.0' 'Special' entered into the top 10 and won an MTV Video Music Award. The themesong for James Bond's latest The World Is Not Enough was performed by Garbage.

'Androgyny' was the first release from the next album 'Beautiful Garbage' in 2001. Vig couldn't participate in the European tour as he was diagnosed with Hepatitus A. The band continued touring, this time hitting North America in April and May the following year. Garbage entered the studio in 2003 to start the new album but things fell apart, the band were not comfortable together and members walked out. They got it back together by March 2004 and recording began again on an angrier note. 'Bleed Like Me' is released this year and features guest drums by Dave Grohl on the track 'Bad Boyfriend'. read less


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