Summer is almost upon us, which means that every weekend between now and September festivals of all sizes, catering for every music taste imaginable will be taking place across the UK. With more of them than ever before, plus the return of some small event in Somerset, not to mention a host of stadium and outdoor tours, the UK is spoilt for choice when it comes to planning its live music manoeuvres for the coming weeks.

Monster megastars of all distinctions are heading our way for some outdoor action, and then there's the new acts, many of whom are being touted as future stars or the next big thing. This means it's simply impossible to see everyone or even know where to start.

Having covered twenty festivals in 2006, we know what a pain in the arse it is trying to pick your way through line-ups and so have come up with fifty suggestions of bands to try and catch in the next few months. As ever with lists on Room Thirteen, we're not saying these are the fifty best bands taking to UK stages this summer, but, if and when the inevitable indecisiveness moment strikes, you'd do well to check a few of this little lot out. Plus of course, there is a load of absolute must sees in here too.

Click the band name to read more about them plus any previous coverage in their R13 profile. Some of these are playing already sold out events like the Carling Weekend, V, Isle of Wight, T in the Park and Bestival, however there's so much more going on in the coming months, meaning that if you weren't able to get a ticket for any of those the summer is still set to be a classic.

As with a few on this list, Aerosmith need no introduction. Handy really since their last major UK show was before the Millennium, so there's no way we can link to a previous review. With no new material due this year they're headline show at Hyde Park Calling (June 24) will be a hit-heavy set, and with classics like 'Walk This Way', 'Dude Looks Like A Lady', 'Love in an Elevator' and 'Living on the Edge' in their armory, this is undoubtedly one of the must see major rock events of summer 2007. Let's face it, we've no idea when they'll next grace our country. Others to play that day include Chris Cornell, Jet, The Answer and McQueen. The best news is, this event is not yet sold out!
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Arcade Fire
By rights, The Arcade Fire should be one of the biggest bands in the world and musically are more than capable of filling stadiums. The demand to see any of their UK dates so far this year has been so high that should they want to, an arena tour would be an equally hot ticket. The success of 'Neon Bible' has seen them move to Main Stage regulars this summer with T in the Park, Oxegen and The Carling Weekend part of their schedule. Arguably their must see festival date is the Latitude headline slot for which tickets are still available.
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Arctic Monkeys
For many the excitement surrounding the Arctic Monkeys isn't quite at the same level as twelve months ago, however June will see a major milestone in their history: their first UK festival headlining performance, and it doesn't get much bigger than Glastonbury's Pyramid Stage. Add to this two monster shows at Old Trafford Cricket Ground, as well as arena dates in Cardiff and it's hard to argue with their status as one of Britain's must see acts. Expect something special from the Arctics this summer!
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This summer will be the first time many will get to see Ash back in their old form as a three-piece after the departure of Charlotte Hatherley. Their new album has more of a pop focus to it, but watch out for the epic track 'Twilight of the Innocents'. Together with the long list of crowd pleasing anthems that they have at their disposal, you won't go wrong by seeing them at the Isle of Wight or Carling Weekend. Don't be surprised if 'Shining Light' isn't in the setlist but there's so much more from over a decade of music. If you're lucky you can also catch them at these Koko dates.
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Beastie Boys
Another on our list to have the word legendary next to their name. This summer's new album 'The Mix Up' is said to be a return to their late eighties and early nineties sound, but, regardless of the quality of any 2007 material, this is one hip-hop act everyone should see at least once. You can check them out at Connect and Bestival, as well as the Brixton Academy on September 4.

Biffy Clyro
This band have always threatened to be massive, and the feeling around
new album 'Puzzle'is that this is the one to see them fulfil their potential. They impressed as one of the secret headliners at this year's Camden Crawl, and their summer commitments include Download, Supporting Muse at Wembley (June 17), T in the Park, Fflam and the Carling Weekend.
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One of the world's truly unique artists, whether you like her or not you can't argue with that. She also doesn't often play live in the UK which means if you're heading to Glastonbury or Connect this is a musical chance you really should try and take up.
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Bloc Party
They're on their second album 'A Weekend in the City', and now Main Stage material at T in the Park and the Carling Weekend, this is your chance to see the next British indie band to go all arenas on you, on an outdoor stage. They're also one of many to confirm themselves for Glastonbury.
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Cancer Bats
Canada's Cancer Bats are on a roll right now, they're getting good press, high profile tours including recently supporting Rise Against and are booked to appear on the Dimebag Darrell stage at Download. If you like your punk rock hard, fast and loud then this is the band for you.
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Cold War Kids
The Californian rockers have been receiving a decent amount of favourable coverage, both from written press and radio. Recently added to the T in the Park line-up and also playing Latitude, Oxegen, Fflam and the Carling Weekend, they're also tipped to be appearing at Glastonbury.
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Laura Colegate
One of our recent myspace artists of the week, we caught her first at Guilfest last year. This July she'll be at Summer Breeze Festival and has the potential to be a real name in the folk world. She does need to start playing further afield though and in more high profile venues!
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Daft Punk
Although we're primarily a rock site, there are some dance acts that rise above the rest, making them a must see no matter your taste, even if it's just to experience the vibrant energy of a dance crowd at an outdoor festival. Daft Punk rarely play in the UK so take your opportunity at Rockness, Oxegen or the 02 Wireless Festival.
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Dogs give you 'in ya face' high energy alternative rock that at times has a punk edge. "But so do loads of bands" you might say not unreasonably. We've picked this lot out as recent Dogs gigs have impressed so if you can, check them out for yourself at T, Oxegen and the Carling Weekend, as well as on tour with The Twang and these headline dates.
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Enter Shikari
They're the most talked about new British band of the past twelve months, which automatically makes them a must see act. Mixing electronic beats with a raw metal power there really isn't another band like Enter Shikari on the circuit right now. Whether you think this makes them good or bad is up to you, but you can catch them at Download, Glastonbury, Oxegen, T in the Park, Fflam, Rip Curl Boardmasters and The Carling Weekend.
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Funeral For A Friend
Back with a new album that sees them at times in a more focused pop mood than ever before, FFAF have created some of their strongest work to date on 'Tales Don't Tell Themselves'. Now with three albums to pick from, expect a setlist packed with rock classics from the past few years. So far their only UK festival dates are at the Carling Weekend, so those who have a ticket will be able to see what must be one of Download 2008's major draws.
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Here's one of those bands that you need to see just to form your own opinion and cut through the acres of rain forests that have been sacrificed in order to big them up. Billed as the Underground's best kept secret six months ago, no amount of shady hush hush action can keep this band out of the spotlight. Debut album 'Orchestra of Wolves'is getting the re-release treatment in time for their Download performance. You can also see them at London's City Showcase and on this UK tour.

Ghost of a Thousand
They're playing The Full Ponty & Middlesborough Music Live before heading out on tour with Gallows, without doubt one of the most exciting hardcore bands to come from these shores for many a year.
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Happy Mondays
It seemed the day would never come when the Monday's would release a new album, but 2007 is when it happens, and this summer is the perfect opportunity to see how it stands up alongside a collection of generation defining dancefloor classics. Their headline set in the perfect natural amphitheatre of the Electric Gardens Festival in Kent is likely to be the highlight, but also look out for Sean Ryder and co if you're off to V.
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Their debut album came out in February and they're stepping up from the third to the second stage at Download this year. An excellent live band, more rock & roll than metal but still plenty loud enough. They can also be seen at the Isle of Wight Festival, Live at Loch Lomond and a host of shows around the UK.
Get more dates on their Myspace site.
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One of alternative music's most loved bands are back. Given the impact 2004 album 'Antics' made, their July release is already one of the most eagerly awaited albums of the summer. Catch them at T in the Park, Oxegen and the Carling Weekend.

Iron Maiden
The masters return to Donnington to show the rest how it's done. Without question one of the UK's best live bands, Maiden put on a visual extravaganza that those who see it cannot fail to be blown away by. This summer's gigs go under the banner of 'A Matter of the Beast' as they celebrate twenty-five years since the release of 'Number of the Beast'. Download is also set to be the last UK appearance for Eddie's tank. If you've never seen Iron Maiden live, every effort must be made to do so this summer.
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Their recent UK tour went like a dream, with packed venues lapping up classics from the past twenty years. Whether you only know a couple of their songs or are a real James die-hard, this is set to be one of the must see reunions of the summer. Catch them at T in the Park, Oxegen and V.
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Kids in Glass Houses
One of the stand out bands from April's Camden Crawl, this is a British rock act that really has what it takes to work their way up the success ladder. They describe themselves as a "poppy, rocky affair" and you can spot a liking of the eighties in elements of their sound. Having played alongside Lostprophets and Funeral For A Friend, they're ready to hit the big time themselves, see them at The Carling Weekend, Full Ponty, Download, the Aerosmith day of Hyde Park Calling, a few dates with the Manics and their own headline tour.
Check their Myspace for more.
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LCD Soundsystem
We present you with another band that really makes dance music played live an avoid and miss out experience. There's enough of a rock edge to appeal to those who wouldn't normally venture into a nightclub unless it was the only place to buy a pint, and the energy of their live show is nothing other than infectious. 'All My Friends' is set to be one of the electro anthems of the summer and you can enjoy LCD Soundsystem for yourself at 02 Wireless, Creamfields, The Carling Weekend, Electric Picnic and Connect.
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Linkin Park
Back to headline Download, and with a new album that sees them move away from the rap aspect of their sound, some reviews of which have been less than favourable. However this is a band clearly trying to move forward from the New-Metal tag that hung over their first two records. Even if the new stuff isn't doing it for you, expect all the old favourites at Donnington, and regardless of where you stand on Linkin Park, this is set to be one of the really interesting headline sets of 2007.
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