Comprised of Jason Hill (vocalist/guitarist/bassist/pianist/producer), Brian Karscig (guitarist/vocalist/bassist/pianist), Mark Maigaard (drummer) and Jimmy Armbrust (bassist), Louis XIV first began operations as a three-piece (Jason/Brian/Mark) in April 2003. The band initially headed to Paris to record their self-released debut album, Louis XIV, where the sessions were loose and spontaneous, with the band nailing their target sonic goal a lo-fi, high-energy maximum R&B inspired by such heroes as T-Rex and the Rolling Stones. Louis XIV, released on their own homegrown Pineapple Recording Group label, earned them critical praise and widespread radio airplay, from their native San Diego to the UK.

Louis XIV signed to Atlantic Records in August 2004, and the band's major label debut, The Best Little Secrets Are Kept was subsequently produced, engineered and mixed by frontman Jason Hill. The album brings together songs from their self-released album and EPs along with new material, all recorded in November and December 2004 at the band's own San Diego studio, built specifically for the recordings in a refurbished urban church.

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