Those who are a part of the "underground scene" have always been respected and considered as a member of an extended family. Musical acts are birthed and raised in this cherished environment, where everyone is protected and appreciated by one another. In this fast-paced, cut- throat business, one would find it bizarre that a whole sub-culture of innovative and obscure independent bands exist. Only until now, has the world finally embraced the genre known for it's tough exterior. The Bled are here and have been waiting for the world all along. Hailing from the once quiet desert town of Tucson, Arizona, The Bled exploded onto the hardcore/metal circuit in 2001. With their intense live performances along side bands like Dillinger Escape Plan, Norma Jean, Midtown and Recover, they were able to make a name for themselves within their local music scene. Bringing about a mature sound that clearly exceeds their age as a band, The Bled, following the road less traveled by, is now clearing a path for those yet to come. Strongly influenced by their predecessors and holding true to the ideals and values bequeathed unto them, The Bled have invented their own twists to a style so lastingly respected. The Bled, inspired by bands like Converge, Refused and Radiohead, are an electrifyingly brutal five-piece outfit. Those on the outside are no longer just looking in; they're trying to be accepted into one of the most dynamic musical families the industry has ever encountered.
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