Carey Willets- bass and vocals
Joel Pott- guitar and vocals
Steve Roberts- drums and vocals
Tim Wanstall - Keyboards and vocals

Depending on who you ask, Athlete are either Britain's answer to Pavement, the new Steely Dan or Beta Band's little brothers. Infact, the four-piece from Deptford, South London can be all of the above, all at once, then change their minds midway through a song and head off in a different direction. In short, youšll have a hard time trying to pin Athletešs sound down, although it's good fun giving it a go. Formed at the start of 2000 by four friends who had known each other from the age of 14, Athlete were one of last year's most talked-about new bands and, in almost every publication you care to mention, one of this year's top tips for chart stardom. Their debut release, 2002's Athlete EP, spawned a Jo Whiley Record Of The Week in catchy lead track Westside, follow-up single You Got The Style was the band's first foray into the Top 40 and twelve months of touring have seen them sell out their own shows and open for acts as diverse as The Polyphonic Spree, Mansun, Minutemen, Simian and Electric Soft Parade. Somewhere inbetween, Athlete found time to write and record a stunning, debut album, Vehicles And Animals, that will keep the crazy comparisons coming (you can already add Beck, Mercury Rev, the Beach Boys, XTC, Gomez and Turin Breaks to the list) and prove that the Deptford Four don't sound quite like any other band on the planet.

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