One of the most influential bands in rock, Korn helped pioneer the "nu metal" genre. About the time I was going through college, Korn were THE alternative band of the day. I can remember all the hoodies and beanie hats. Ridiculed and respected in equal measure (like any good rock abnd), Korn's style is unique and has been an influence on many bands today.

"Korn", released in 1994, helped the band hit the map with such memorable tracks as "Blind", "Clown" and "Shoots and Ladders". Some considered poems used as lyrics in metal a little odd but along with the merging of such genres as hip-hop, grunge, hard-rock and even bagpipes, Korn managed to creat a distinctive and catchy style that places them firmly in the classic metal category. Still played in clubs today, Korn's first album is widely regarded as their best work.

Another unique flavour of Korn has to be the lead singer's style. Johnathan Davis has one of the most distinct voices in metal today. No-one can ever mistake Korn's frontman's voice for anyone else. His scat style with metal overtones is in the same league as System of a Down's Serj Tankian or Skindred's Benji; the latter filling in for Davis at Download 2005.

"Life is Peachy", released in 1996 proved more popular in sales, but is still not regarded as their best work. Around this time, Korn began to hit the mainstream with wide recognition, supporting bands like Metallica.

Who can forget "Freak on a leash"? A moving video featuring Johnathan Davis in his classic Kilt get-up, directed by the famous Todd McFarlane. The album, "Follow the Leader" proved another massive hit in 1998. At the same time, Korn began their "Family Values" tour with bands such as Limp Bizkit, Incubus and Rammstein.

1999 saw the release of the 4th Album, "Issues" with less hip-hop and nu-metal elements and the distinctive album artwork. Initially given mixed reviews, "Issues" nevertheless managed to go triple platinum a month after release. Around the same time, Johnathan Davis began a friendship with the famous artist, H.R Giger who designed and constructed Davis' iconic microphone stand which appears in several videos.

In 2002, "Untouchables" hit the shelves though it was leaked a few months before the official release day. Despite going platinum, "Untouchables" was regarded as a weaker album. Some fans felt that since "Follow the Leader", the song writing had slipped. However, "Here to Stay" is firmly and forever going to be a club classic that will pack the dance floors with metal fans anywhere.

"Take a look in the Mirror" released in 2003 and "See you on the other side", released in 2005 were returns to the stripped down, original sound and a darker, industrial feel respectively. With several tours, festivals and plenty of rock antics making the headlines of musical publications the world over, Korn will always be up there with bands such System of a Down, Tool, NIN and Rage Against the Machine for the influence on their respective genre and the lives of their fans the world over.
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